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Where Soul & Business Magic Mix

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The Playground is the online haven you've been looking for...

If you own your online business you’re going to waste a metric ton of time, energy, and money trying to get your business going in the right direction. It’s true. I know this because I have been there and my private clients have all been there. 

The truth is your business needs real time support and insightful guidance and not another e-course or DIY option. No one needs to remind you that any business undertaking is critical. It’s time to get the attention you need before you waste more time and money. 

There is a better way to get honest-to-God answers and straight up advice when it comes your specific situation and business. And yes, there is a way to do it without it costing you, your arm and leg.

Welcome to the Playground

The Playground is a 6-month transformative learning experience you’ve been looking for to help you build your business and gain more visibility. 

What’s different about The Playground is that instead of being one of many, you will be one of a select few. 

Here's the kicker - I will actually be present in all activities in The Playground. 

I will not only share my business wisdom and experience with you but I will also support you by being available to answer questions and teach you how to run your business. 

 By joining The Playground - you will have access to everything I know! There’s no secret formula (though as a Playground Member you might discover our secret handshake) to great success but there are better ways of getting there. 

Who is The Playground for?



It can be frustrating figuring out how to have consistent cash flow while building your brand. If you're like most emerging business owners, you also have a real desire to STOP feeling like your business is feast or famine. And that's what I'll show you in The Playground.

I'll show you how to raise your business visibility, raise your prices, and position your brand correctly - all while honoring who you are and your values. 


OVERWHELMED BUSINESS OWNERS (emerging or established):

Honestly, it's not that you don't know what to do. You do. The problem is you have too many ideas, too much conflicting information and not enough space or personal guidance to figure out what WILL work for YOUR BUSINESS. The Playground will give that to you.

Through an intuitive and guided process, I will help you take back your time, energy, and space - so you can remember to listen to the ONE opinion that really matters...your own. 



Your inconsistency stems from one of two reasons: you're afraid of being seen (this shows up as fear of looking stupid, publicly failing, being judged or unrelenting perfectionism) OR you (truthfully) don't know what you are doing. The Playground is a safe place for you to overcome your fears and ask "dumb" questions so you can smart decisions.

When you work with me, you not only have a Business Mystic by your side, but you ALSO have a protective mama bear who will help you feel confident and comfortable putting yourself out there. 



Business owners who already have solid offers and have success with consistent income and marketing.

"I´ve absolutely loved to be part of The Playground. I am forever grateful to Aliza, my Magic Biz Goddess, for her wisdom, support and, not the least, readings. Aliza's readings have become an important part of my monthly planning and has always made a lot of sense, been simply helpful and full of guidance. 

Being a part of The Playground has helped me to increase my audience, helped me in the process of launching my first book and reminded me of who I am, the Dreamy Drumess."

Maria Bovin de Labbe | Dreamy drumess

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If you’ve ever wondered how to actually use all those techniques and strategies you learned from your coach or an e-course you purchased...

If you’ve taken a high dollar coaching program and still feel confused or clueless on how to actually “do” your business...

If you've felt like there was something wrong with you because you didn't see the "guaranteed" success after following a popular coach's "formula"...

If you’re within the first 5 years of your business or if you've been toiling in it for a while and you're still struggling... 

If the thought of sending out your newsletter or what to blog about still frazzles you out...

If you sincerely want help and individual attention to help grow your business and want to be SEEN + HEARD...

If you have too many ideas not enough time or spent too much money on the wrong efforts...

If you want to learn how to be yourself and not a 72th rate version of someone else’s vision and style...

if the answer is "yes"

Then The Playground is right for you.

What you will learn in The Playground



You cannot build a brand or business around a broken offer or a non-existent one. I will teach you and show you how to put your offers together that not only make sense but also make you dollars. 


Together we will help you overcome this "Ahhhh! I don't want to be pushy or sales-y!" fear about asking for the sale. You will learn how sales actually happen. And how to sell without feeling like you have to be someone you’re not or be sleazy by promising things you can’t deliver.


These are critical pieces of any business. You’ve got to let people know what you’re a master (or expert) of. I will share with you, my own experience of what works and what doesn’t when you’re just starting out or if you’re still trying to figure out your direction.


Knowing how to put your business together will not only help you make smart decisions now and in the future, but it will also help you feel confident in how you conduct yourself in your business interactions.  


We will discover your marketing archetype and how it applies in attracting the right kind of clients. Throughout your time in The Playground, I will help you understand how authentic marketing works and what launching (promoting) really means. 


As part of my role as your mentor, I will give you the support you need to take the necessary steps to build a business that brings you success. And as long as you are a member, I will be there to guide you as challenges come up in your business.


I will share with you, my very own process for creating a brand that stands out, looks good, and attracts the right kind of clients or customers to your door.


Social media can be such a time suck. I will help you decide once and for all where you should start in building your social media presence and which platform you need to focus on that's the perfect fit for your personality, your laziness-factor, and your business. 


Inside The Playground, you will have permission to be you. What this means is you can ask all the questions you need to ask, share what you need to get off your chest and feel free to figure things out without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. This is your online haven and community. 




Businesses struggling to gain solid ground & want direct guidance from a Business Mystic



  • Every week you will have check-ins and business owner specific discussions to help you flesh out your point of view and voice
  • Every month you will have 1 (one) - 90 minutes live group call to share your questions and get real time attention
  • Every month you will also have 3 (three) Facebook "Office Hours" days where you can ask your questions and get individual help that include personalized intuitive tarot business readings so you will know how to take advantage of upcoming opportunities and side-step any challenges
  • You will receive step-by-step instruction on how to DO various marketing activities and IMPLEMENT branding strategies
  • You will enjoy complimentary access to all my upcoming Masterclasses
  • You will receive 100% off all my digital products in my shop
  • Access to a private, small, and close-knit inner circle Facebook group
  • Access to my tried & true resources, checklists, scripts and templates
  • Affordable and direct access to me personally guiding you as you build your business
  • And many more perks...


  • Feel more supported and secure as you learn, practice and hone your business skills

  • Know that what you are learning will help you build your business
  • Create a brand and business model that is sustainable and profitable
  • Be empowered to make good & wise business decisions going forward
  • Be confident in your chosen social media channels (I will help you chose where to market that's right for you)
  • No longer feel like all you're doing is copying or mimicking what other businesses are doing
  • Feel less intimidated, confused or lost as you navigate your online business

The Playground A Freaking Great Company


The Playground

6 - Month business mystic mastermind Experience

Membership: Accepting new members who are ready for magic & soul in their businesses

Cost: $250 USD a month (6 months) OR one-time payment of $1000 USD (get two months free)

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Click below to get in contact with me to apply.


"Aliza is smart, articulate, talented, creative and a joy to work with! She's attentive and passionate about providing relevant information in bite size, relatable pieces that makes sense for every business she mentors. 

With the over-saturated canvas of webinars, courses and groups on the market, I was a bit hesitant to sign up, but The Playground has been nothing shy of what I needed to take my business to the next level. 

In the space of a month, Aliza nailed down my Marketing Archetype, help iron out a social media strategy that works best for my business and challenged me to grow my brand awareness. 

I've connected with a viable and personable community of like-minded Entrepreneurs, and I've been inoculated with much needed motivation, support and accountability! 

If you're thinking about whether Aliza will help your business, think no more -- I'm the proof that The Playground is well worth your investment." 

Kenesha Maratta | Maratta Consulting

I don’t think that women can deal with superficiality much longer, they WANT SOUL again.
— Ann Demeulemeester / Fashion Design Rebel
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Frequently Asked Questions


+ how much is the playground?

The Playground is a 6-month transformative, learning experience with me, Aliza Stein, the Business Mystic of A Freaking Great Company. I will be there, by your side, guiding you directly in your business. Answering the tough questions, creating custom strategies, using my intuition, and all my experience to help you develop as a successful business owner. The Playground is $250 a month (for 6 months) or a one-time payment of $1000 (you get 2 months on the house). 

+ can i join if i sell products (digital or physical)?

Yes! Makers welcomed! As long as you are a business owner who will use the internet to sell your services, offers, or products - The Playground will help you. 

+ do i need to have a website?

No, you don't need your website up yet to join. However, getting your website up needs to be one of your goals within the next 6 months. 

+ will this really work for me? I've signed up for coaching / mentoring / masterminds before and they didn't really help. 

I totally understand that frustration! The Playground works when you work. So, if your heart is in the game, you're willing to learn, and you don't mind applying what I teach you in your own business - The Playground will work for you. You will see results. 

+ WILL you be giving out pdfS OR WORKSHEETS? 

While, I may from time to time give out worksheets, the focus of The Playground is real time guidance and practice. In essence, The Playground is a dynamic, learning experience - not a course. And if we're honest with another - you probably already have PDFs and workbooks up the wazoo in your Dropbox or desktop. You don't need another "passive" way of learning your business. You need real time experience and guidance. 

+ WHat are the terms & conditions of the playground?

Here's the LINK to the fine print. 


I love questions! You'll see when you join The Playground that answering questions is of superpower of mine. If you have any additional questions not covered in the FAQ please email me at Allow 24 - 48 hours for me to personally respond back.