Brand Strategy, Marketing Consulting, & Copywriting Services


Brand Strategy & Marketing Consulting Packages

I work with all types of businesses who believe in showing their personality, wearing their hearts on their sleeve, and having a purpose. I offer 2 levels of service to help you. 

1. Get Instant Marketing Advice & Help with my 1-hour consult sessions. 

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2. Get Long-term and Short-term Brand Strategy & Marketing help with my business coaching / consulting packages. 

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3. Get help with putting your Brand and Marketing together with Brand Love, my premier branding offer, so you can move on with your business.  

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Copywriting Services

Love my words? Hire me to write yours. 

I specialize in both strategic and personality-based copy. With a strong and proven background in personality branding and marketing, my copy is guaranteed to 100% make you stand out in a crowded online space. Whether it's a complete website rebrand and overhaul or just a one-page refresh - I can help you look cool and connect. 

Here are the pages I can help you look great in:

  • Home pages
  • About pages
  • Services pages
  • Social Media bios and pages
  • Salespages (both in direct response and personality based)
  • Media kit copy (authors, bloggers, social media influencers)

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