Questions & Answers


What will I get out of this experience?

You will get so many things out of this experience. Content Love & More seeks to demystify the content piece of your marketing puzzle.

It’s purpose is to give you an advantage. 

An advantage over your fear, your overwhelm and even over your laziness.

You will finally KNOW how to put together your content strategy and feel polished. Complete. And in control.  

My hope is that you will see how content makes your marketing easier. That it will no longer be viewed as a boring and arbitrary “to-do” but rather a beautiful and powerful piece of your business model. One that allows you to express your creativity and expertise. 

From a practical sense, you will understand your unique content strategy, create an editorial calendar that plays well with your marketing/promoting cycles, have an opt-in that attracts the right people, and an email autoresponder sequence that let’s people know you’re a pro. 


Do I need to buy anything to enjoy this experience?

No. You just need to pay the class fee. You do NOT need to buy the Content Starter Set because it is included as a class bonus. You will need access to the internet because the membership space that houses your lessons is only online. 



How do I get help if I need it?

You will have abundant support if you need help! You will have our private community to ask for feedback and support from me and your fellow classmates. We will also have 3 live mentoring calls for an additional opportunity to ask your burning questions. 


Will you be hands on?

When I am working with the participants in any of my courses, I am 100% present and holding space for them to grow. I want you to succeed in this endeavor so I will be ready and available to answer, troubleshoot and guide you in our private community and on our live mentoring calls. 


is Content Love & More an evergreen class?

No. Content Love & More will not be offered as an evergreen experience. The next time it will be offered again will be in late Spring 2017.