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Hello Daring Doers!  Welcome to my private coaching page.

It’s an honor for me to work intimately with my private clients in helping them create a business that brings them joy, financial security, and aligns with their values.

When you coach with me, you receive the direct benefit from my years of experience working on launches and brand strategies of high-level, online businesses.

Since you’re a smart business owner, you already know the value of how coaching can help your business grow.

Read on to learn what coaching with me looks like...

My goal is to provide you with excellent one on one business coaching sessions.

Each coaching session is filled with insightful information and instruction.

Are you struggling with finding the answers to the following questions:

+ How do I find my ideal client or audience?

+ How do I find ideal customers who are happy to pay my fees?

+ How do I describe what I do that makes sense and isn’t a run-on sentence?

+ How do I keep from burning out both creatively and productively?

+ How do become more visible online?

+ How do I create offers that don’t suck (or are a time suck for me)?

+ How do I stand out in my marketing and branding?

+ How do I get a handle on my social media, blogging, and creating content?

+ How do I streamline my systems?

+ How do I start outsourcing (or when do I start outsourcing)?

+ How do I price my services or offers in a way that keeps my lights on but isn’t out of reach for my ideal clients?

+ How do I stop comparing myself to other people?

+ How do I stop being resentful towards my peers who seem to have made it?

+ How the do I figure social media platform is best for me?

+ How do I figure out which media platform to grow my business on (podcasting, video, blogging…)?

+ How do I stop feeling weird about marketing, promoting, and selling my services?

+ How can  I stop feeling overwhelmed with my business?

If the answers are YES to any of the questions, then I can definitely help you.

There is a better way to get honest-to-God answers and straight up advice when it comes your specific situation and business. And yes, there is a way to do it without it costing you, your arm and leg.

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone starting out or at their peak. Everyone needs a little navigation here and there and Aliza cares about people and is the real thing. She wants you to succeed. She is a great mix of grounded business savvy but also believes in the deeper levels of creating what you want in business (and in life)!

Vanessa Sanddal |

To understand my approach to business coaching here are my core values and how I am different:


business as a practice

I view business as a daily commitment to my goals and my dreams. Practice makes the impossible possible. I will teach you how to view your business as loving practice towards your own goals.


I like to break things down and make them actionable (aka: doable). Sometimes, the problem isn’t that you don’t understand its just that you just don’t know how to get started or where to get started. Strategy is the art of taking action toward your goals. I will help you get started on taking those steps.

accountability + self reliance

I will lovingly keep you accountable. I will empower you to make your own decisions that are best for you. I will never take away your sense of self-reliance or erode your confidence in yourself.


whole-istic thinking

I look at your whole business in its entirety. How your marketing plays with your social media presence, how your promotions supports your offers, and how you website shows your branding. I look at all aspects of your business and see it as ONE. Not little pieces that are disconnected from each other.


I place a premium on my intuition and on yours. Long ago or very recently, you had a nudge to start your own business. My coaching sessions honor that promise and commitment to your dream. I tap into the energy of your business and brand to help bring the soul and heart into your business.


As part of my role as your mentor, I will give you the support you need to take the necessary steps to build a business that brings you success. And as long as you are a member, I will be there to guide you as challenges come up in your business.

content marketing

My background as a copywriter, brand and content strategist plays powerfully into how I coach. As an online business owner your content is how your audience / customers find you. So, it’s important the content you create and put out reflect WHO you are and WHO you serve.


I cut through the hyped up noise and bring breathing space back into your business. Mis-directed marketing, disconnected offers, and playing catch-up are signs that you have lack of focus (or lack of time) in your business.


Inside The Playground, you will have permission to be you. What this means is you can ask all the questions you need to ask, share what you need to get off your chest and feel free to figure things out without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. This is your online haven and community. 

How I like roll in each client session:

I want every client I have to feel comfortable, safe, and confident. Getting coaching is an intimate space where you lay bare your vulnerabilities, your fears, your greatness and your hope. I take my role as your business advisor, mentor and coach very seriously.  I treat you and your business as if it were my own!

My main offer is private one to one business coaching calls.

During our coaching sessions, together, we’ll hash out your key issues, identify where you’re struggling, and solidify your goals.

We go over all the connecting aspects of your business to make sure they are in sync with your personality, your lifestyle, and how you want to serve and make money in your business.

We cover the marketing, branding, business model, technology, and mindset aspect of your approach to business.

We work out the kinks and the bottle-necks that’s stopping you from growing your business and making money.

With my background in strategic copywriting, I also help you with your content (like coming up with blog post and newsletters ideas) and copy (going over and editing salespages or webpages). 

For the same kind of individualized, focused, and strategic business coaching my contemporaries will typically charge $750 - $2,000 or more.

I’m happy to offer my private coaching at $500 per month.  

At this rate, you receive:

Two (2) 60- minute coaching calls with me monthly (twice a month)


Four (4) 30-minute coaching calls with me monthly (once a week)

My coaching sessions are offered in 3-month increments.

Offering flexible structures and affordable rates for business coaching is the best way I’m happiest serving online business owners.

To learn more about working with me click the bottom below or send an email to

Business Coaching A Freaking Great Company

private coaching


an intuitive, insightful business guidance Experience

Availability: Accepting new clients who are ready to discover their path to success on their own terms

Fee: $500 USD a month (3 months)

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Click below to get in contact with me to learn more.

Here’s what my clients walk away with after coaching with me:

Clarity - Clarity leads the way on what to do next. They say wisdom is knowing what to do next. But before the knowing comes the clarity. I help you get to that space.

Focus - You’ll know what to zero you attention on. Not just on the whole of your business and also in your daily practice of marketing and promoting.

Confidence & Courage - By viewing your business as a practice you will finally overcome perfectionism and procrastination. Task that once terrified you will seem doable. You will have the confidence to try new things and put yourself out there. And the courage to show up as yourself.

Strategy - You will have a solid plan in place to move forward. You will also have a clear path paved for you on how to proceed. These are the gifts of a finely-tuned business strategy that was made for you.

Structure - You will have the framework in place to lay the foundations of your most daring business dreams. From offers, to content content and right down to your sales funnels. You will have it what it takes to fly and fly hard.

Click below to learn more about working me on your business today. Or you may email me at

"Aliza is smart, articulate, talented, creative and a joy to work with! She's attentive and passionate about providing relevant information in bite size, relatable pieces that makes sense for every business she mentors. 

With the over-saturated canvas of webinars, courses and groups on the market, I was a bit hesitant to sign up, but The Playground has been nothing shy of what I needed to take my business to the next level. 

In the space of a month, Aliza nailed down my Marketing Archetype, help iron out a social media strategy that works best for my business and challenged me to grow my brand awareness. 

I've connected with a viable and personable community of like-minded Entrepreneurs, and I've been inoculated with much needed motivation, support and accountability! 

If you're thinking about whether Aliza will help your business, think no more -- I'm the proof that The Playground is well worth your investment." 

Kenesha Maratta | Maratta Consulting

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