My private 1:1 strategy sessions in a nutshell

(Look at me, I’m in a nutshell)

Cozy. Intimate. Unintimidating.

In 60-minutes together, we’ll use freakin’ laser beams to get specific on the problem you have inside of your business. And I promise to stop using Austin Powers references, but you should know that all my interactions are judgement free zones.

Each business owner has varying needs, so you might be coming in with just a few questions or you might be dealing with massive overwhelm. Heck, you could be struggling just to get started. Regardless of your reason for needing my help, it can be hard to see why your business is suffering when you’ve got a plate full of things to do. Amiright?

All too often, business owners have passion, motivation, and great products or services, but running a business can really run ya down. Fact is, owning your own business is tough stuff.

Whatever is stealing your mojo is our starting point. We’ll figure out why you’re experiencing the problem or setback and come up with a strategy to overcome it. That means you can get back to what you need to focus on: building a business and brand that makes you say “Yeah, baby.” (Okay, I swear I’m done now. #sorrynotsorry)

What you get

  1. (1) 60-minute call containing unadulterated strategy. We leave no nooks and crannies unturned, and we find the clarity you need, from why people aren’t buying to the if/thens of when you need better branding.

  2. (1) 20-minute follow up via Facebook messenger or Skype chat, a week later, for accountability and refinement. We’ll make sure everything is working according to our (evil) plans.

  3. (1) One week window of priority email support. You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you? Via email I can answer any burning questions that come up as you create a better business.

  4. (1) .MP3 or .WAV recording of our call

  5. (1) awesome opportunity for feedback on your website and social media profiles, along with website copy, offers, and marketing efforts. BOOM.

And you walk away with more swagger and strategy, of course, but also specific action steps on how to implement all the goodness.

If you’re a coach, consultant or creative who struggles with making sales or getting visible and you’re totally sick of feeling like gross things, this is perfect for you. Seriously, I know I sound fun and make jokes in my copy, so you’re not sure if I’ll be all that rad and helpful in real time.

I promise I am. ;)

Cost: $175 / One 60-minute strategy session + 1 week of business owner support (priority email access and 1 Facebook messenger or Skype chat session).

Book your session below and get started today. You will be prompted to select the best date for us to talk about your business. Once you confirm your chosen time, you will be directed to complete your questionnaire and make your payment.

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