Content Love & More


Imagine NEVER struggling again with what to write about in your blog posts, what to share on social media or how to put your newsletters together. 


  • What should you write about?
  • When should you post?
  • Should you do a blog AND a newsletter?
  • What about social media?
  • What do I post on ALL my social media accounts?

So, many questions. 

How many times have you signed up for an online task management software or bought a blank planner in the hopes that you will finally be organized enough to be consistent with your content?


The problem isn’t your tools. 

And the problem isn’t you.


How can you succeed in putting a puzzle together if you’re missing a few pieces? You can’t. 

Too often, you're sold on a one-trick pony as the "be all, end all" for content creation. Or promised that an expensive monthly subscription to some software as answer to content management.

But then you discover it’s not. 


With Content Love & More you will no longer have to worry about all that.

Content Love & More is special

It’s a 6-week experience that shows you and teaches you how to use your content properly. 

It will give you what you’ve been looking for...the ability to enjoy your marketing. 

Who Is This Experience For?


You’re either overwhelmed because you have too much content and you don’t know what to do with it or you have too many ideas and you don’t have time to create the content. 


It can be intimidating figuring out what to write for your first autoresponder sequence, cobbling an opt-in that's good or just getting your first marketing strategy put together. Content Love & More will take you by the hand and walk you through it. 


It’s not that you don’t want to or that you don’t have ideas. You do. Its that you haven’t found a way to easily work in your content time with real life


There may not be a business model attached to your content but you still need a marketing strategy to help you grow your readership and influence. You can't grow your list and keep your community engaged if you don't have a plan. 


Seasoned business owners who already have a proven process for their email & content marketing. 

Content Love and More_A Freaking Great Company

The Weekly Class Itinerary

Week 1 - The Gathering

We will be learning about the different types of content. Prepare to be introduced to a daring and bold way to view your content and how you market. You will be gathering the tools and resources you need to be successful.

Week 2 - The Theme

We will discover the unifying thread (or theme) between your purpose, your offers, and your knowledge. Doing this will connect all the pieces of your business to your marketing together. We will also have our first Q&A mentoring call.

Week 3 - The Calendar

We will create YOUR VERSION of an editorial calendar. One that works with your strengths, your moods and, most importantly, your schedule. 

Week 4 - The Gift

We will be focusing on creating your opt-in. Not a contrite, soulless downloadable file that you feel “you have to do” opt-in! No! The one that invites your people to join you and introduces them to you and your world. Opt-in’s are one of the most powerful pieces of content out there...and we will create one that is magic. We will have our second Q&A mentoring call this week.

Week 5 - The Love

We will be zeroing in on the unsung (and unloved) hero of all content - autoresponders. We will create a simple 3 - 5 email autoresponder sequence that converts and keeps your new subscribers engaged. 

Week 6 - The Extras

A bonus week to bring everything together. You will receive your Blog Post Templates (10 different blog post templates) that you can use immediately for your blog posts. You'll also get the newly added bonus masterclass, "Content Strategies", which will focus on the 32 different (free and paid) strategies and tactics you can use to bring traffic to your website! We will also have our final Q&A call this week.


+ You get a complimentary set of the Blog Post Templates ($47.00 value) as gift for taking the class. The Blog Post Templates includes 10 content templates you can use immediately for your blog posts or use for your newsletters.

+ You get access to the newly added upgrade "Content Strategies", a masterclass ($149.00 value) that focuses on how to use 32 different (free and paid) strategies and tactics to bring traffic to your website. 

+ Lifetime access to Content Love & More membership space (priceless). You will have an open invitation to participate the next time it is offered live. You will also receive any upgrades to the course materials automatically. 



Content Love & More 


Course Registration: Opens, Monday, April 17th, 2017
Course Fee: $95.00 USD (or 2 payments of $47.50 USD)
Class Starts: Monday, May 8th, 2017

Content Love & More will give you what you’ve been looking for...the ability to enjoy your marketing.

Questions & Answers


What will I get out of this experience?

You will get so many things out of this experience. Content Love & More seeks to demystify the content piece of your marketing puzzle.

It’s purpose is to give you an advantage. 

An advantage over your fear, your overwhelm and even over your laziness.

You will finally KNOW how to put together your content strategy and feel polished. Complete. And in control.  

My hope is that you will see how content makes your marketing easier. That it will no longer be viewed as a boring and arbitrary “to-do” but rather a beautiful and powerful piece of your business model. One that allows you to express your creativity and expertise. 

From a practical sense, you will understand your unique content strategy, create an editorial calendar that plays well with your marketing/promoting cycles, have an opt-in that attracts the right people, and an email autoresponder sequence that let’s people know you’re a pro. 


Do I need to buy anything to enjoy this experience?

No. You just need to pay the class fee. You do NOT need to buy the Blog Templates Set because it is included as a class bonus. You will need access to the internet because the membership space that houses your lessons is only online. 



How do I get help if I need it?

You will have abundant support if you need help! You will have our private community to ask for feedback and support from me and your fellow classmates. We will also have 3 live mentoring calls for an additional opportunity to ask your burning questions. 


Will you be hands on?

When I am working with the participants in any of my courses, I am 100% present and holding space for them to grow. I want you to succeed in this endeavor so I will be ready and available to answer, troubleshoot and guide you in our private community and on our live mentoring calls. 


is Content Love & More an evergreen class?


What if I realize Content Love & More isn't right for me?

No. Content Love & More will not be offered as an evergreen experience. The next time it will be offered again will be in September 2017. 


I want everyone who takes my courses to fully benefit and enjoy them. If, by the end of Week 1, you realize Content Love & More is not right for you, please email me at hello@afreakinggreatcompany.com for a full refund. You will be promptly refunded in the method by which you paid with no questions asked. 

I love how Content Love & More filled in so many gaps in my knowledge. It was the foundational information I had been missing all along. Suddenly I saw how everything works together.
— Michelle

Praise & Testimonials


I love the focus, the content, the awesome bonuses, LOVE & wise support. The weekly videos were very informative and easy to follow.

This class gave me so much wisdom about sharing and scheduling content, clarity about my theme and thread, the whole process of reaching my audience - the strategy from social media to newsletters/ offers and, not the least, the best loving support that you can get from awesome Aliza Stein!

maria Bovin de labbe

Aliza guides you step by step for promoting your biz. She doesn't stop at content or social media but continues to add what to do after you've posted. Aliza really does show you how to give your content love.

lee drozak

I love how Aliza breaks down the vague yet core concept of content marketing in business. She so clearly explains every bit of content and how it all fits together in the bigger picture. She uses analogies that I'll never forget.

Content Love & More has helped me feel less overwhelmed when I start thinking about my content. I can now spend that energy thinking about the experiences I want to create for the people who discover me. That's way more fun!

michelle stevens

It helps business owners learn how content can help them communicate their brand and offers to their customers/clients.

Students will leave the class knowing how to  use the following tools and techniques effectively in their business: social media, blogs, content calendar, and opt-ins.

tega zoma

I like how easy this course was to follow. I love the encouragement you gave and how transparent you were with your advice.

Scheduling was something I really needed help with and it was broken down in a way to make me want to do it and just feel like I have to do it.

Anyone who takes this course will be able to gain some clarity about how to organize the content of your business with this class that breaks it down from beginning to end for you.

natasha pennant