Why You Need A Brand Point Of View

Part of my job (okay, my only job really) is to help business owners define, hone in and refine their point of view - whether it is through copy, content, visuals, marketing or branding. 

Okay, you’re probably thinking… “Great, Aliza! But what the f*ck is a point of view?”

Well, your POINT OF VIEW is simply YOUR take on your industry, on how to do something (ahem, not SOMEONE), and even a way of living. 

It’s the flavor that you add to your design, the flair in your copy, and the way you communicate to your clients. It’s that extra special something that makes your bows different than everyone else's. 

For example, A Freaking Great Company's point of view is this: 

  • Know yourself first, then your brand promise
  • Experience is EVERYTHING
  • Planning is your best chance at success followed by Action
  • Leave room for luck, timing, magic & faith to DO its part in your business
  • Clear understanding + consistent execution of the fundamentals is what makes you a pro
  • There are NO SHORTCUTS, just people who've mastered the rules and now know how to break them beautifully

The problem MOST business owner have (regardless of what stage they are in) is that they haven’t identified their point of view. And that's WHY they blend in instead of standing out.

Typically, we amass a perspective that’s a mishmash of other people. People, like our friends, our business crushes, our coaches and even our stupid social media feeds. 

We can’t help it. It happens. Our opinions totally get swayed!

But in order for you to build a solid brand and business worthy of Mordor, you’re gonna have to define your point of view. 

Your point of view WILL help you make more money.


Well, your point of view distinguishes you from your other folks in your space. It helps a potential client understand why you cost what you do.

It also keeps the tire kickers away. 

If they can’t handle your heat - they’ll stay out of your damn kitchen! Which saves you time. And as you know...time IS money.

To help point you in the right direction (did you see what I did there?) I’m breaking down my suggestions based on what online business stage you are in. 


Begin by asking yourself if you agree or disagree with the leaders of your FB groups. Do you agree or disagree with your coach's point of view about your industry? Notice if you 100% agree or if you just agree like 10% of the time. The differing gut feelings or thoughts you have are strong indicators of the basis of your point of view. At this stage, you’ll want to begin to establish your point of view. 

Pro Tip: Start sharing your thoughts in your blog posts, in your social media posts, and in your newsletters. 


Look at your contemporaries and / or competitors who do something similar to what you do. Do they share the same point of view as you do? Do you feel your perspective colossal differs from theirs? What is your take on what you do? Do things need to be more strategic? More "play it by ear"? Notice when you disagree or judge the way someone else does something similar. These feelings and thoughts are giving clues as to what your POV is about. At this stage you’ll need to start putting out content (blog & social media posts, podcasts, newsletters) that solidify your POV in your marketplace. 

Pro Tip: Begin honing your point of view by establishing 1 - 3 solid “this is WHY I believe this” opinions that support your point of view


Review what you are known for. Are you known for being the badass, kick-ass, take no BS designer? Coach? Does that view of you still hold true for you? Are you getting lost in the shuffle because others have started to sound similar to you? Then it's time to refine what your POV is. Disagree with the way your industry is going? At this stage you’ll either want to amplify your POV or refine so it's still unique. 

Pro Tip: Assess your current perspective. Review your content (newsletters, blog posts, social media) and copy to determine if you are maintaining your point of view or if you need to update it. 

Well, I hope this blog post helps you identify your point of view. If you have any further questions please feel free to post your comments below and also share what your POV is. 

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