When Should You Hire A Copywriter

When should you hire a copywriter

There's a reason why there's such a big fuss about copywriting.

Copywriting can dramatically increase your sales and conversions! So, here's my take on when you should hire a professional copywriter. This is based on my years working as a professional copywriter.

It's best to hire a copywriter for marketing content that is either the GATEKEEPERS to an offer (like an autoresponder series) or to the OFFER itself (like salespages or service pages). While website copy IS important - you can get away with "okay" copy on your website if that's all you have.

Below are my recommendations for copywriting based on your business stage


As a baby business owner, hiring a professional copywriter can be out of your reach simply because of COST. Since, you're in a stage of your business where you are still figuring things out (your brand message, who you are), I recommend you hold off on investing in copywriting UNTIL you know yourself better.

If you need a place to start, I recommend purchasing my easy to use Copyingwriting Kit - it's a done for you solution that includes professionally written copy templates for all your home, about and services pages. You can learn more about here: https://afreakinggreatcompany.simplero.com/page/65175-copywriting-kit


As an emerging business owner, hiring a professional copywriter is highly recommended. You're at a point in your business where really honing in on "your people" is critical to making sales.

If you're still tight on your budget and you have to write copy yourself - consider hiring a copywriter to edit your copy for "tightening up". The following are the situations where hiring a professional copywriter is recommended:

  • Salespages (for a program or product)
  • Service pages (your offers or services)
  • Autoresponders (for opt-in offers, post-purchases)
  • About copy (about pages, social media profiles)
  • Opt-in CTA (call to action) copy


As an established business owner, hiring a professional copywriter is highly recommended. At this stage in your business journey, you know the importance of having finely-tuned copy for pretty much everything in your business.

You've either gotten really good at writing your own copy or you have a list of go-to copywriters that you use. The following are the situations where using a professional copywriter will benefit you:

  • Website pages (all of them - home, about, contact)
  • Opt-in CTA (call to action) copy
  • Salespages (program or product)
  • Service pages (offers or services)
  • Autoresponders
  • Social media profiles
  • Any marketing or promotional pieces related to launches

Aliza recommends: Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay is my go-to person for making sure all my copy and content have their i's dotted and t's crossed when it comes to grammar and punctuation. She works really well under tight deadlines and understands the nuances of "personality" in copy. While I write my own copy - she's the gal I recommend who can help you write yours!

Go to LindsayFischerCopy.com to learn more. 
*Please note: While I think Lindsay is the bee's knees and do highly recommend her - I get ZERO kickbacks or kittens for referring her.