Trying Something New Is Supposed To Feel Weird

Is this weird? 

So, I’ve noticed that most of my clients are a lot like me. They structure their days to get shit done and if they need to have a call they tend to do it later in the day or even in the evenings. I also notice that as much as I love the idea of not working on the weekend. I sometimes get my most inspired work done on a Saturday. 

To be honest. I hate having phone calls during my day. I feel like it messes up my whole schedule. I’ve got errands to run, water to drink and I get most of my “output” creative work done when the sun in the sky. At night, I notice that I’m still creative but it’s in a more receptive way. Lately, I’ve tinkered with taking client calls and my own personal coaching calls late in the afternoons or even in the early evenings. 

Here’s what I noticed:

I’m waaaaay more insightful. 
I feel like I have a lot more energy to give. 
I don’t feel rushed. 
Things are quieter.
My pesky to-dos are done so I’m more relaxed.
I feel like my intuition is stronger. 

Another thing that I noticed is that sometimes my clients are balancing a day or bridge job while working on their creative business at night or on the weekends. Or that it was more convenient to send me their stuff on the weekends because they had someone to watch their kids or they were finally able to have 2 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on their business. 

I know this sounds crazy but I think I want to start offering evening and Saturday sessions when my books open up again for one on ones. 

I know, I know! Keep the evenings for OFF! Keep the weekends for doing things like laundry or spending time with loved ones.Well, I do spend a lot of time with my family during the week. And let’s be honest, regardless if it’s the weekend or not, my poor basket of laundry that needs to be folded up and hung, still tends to chill unattended on the side. 

To be honest, it’s kinda freaking me out to just share this all out there. But if I’m going to give my all to my clients - I gotta first give my all to me so I can succeed. And right now, I think creating this new schedule might be it. 

What about you? Ever try something different in your business because you know deep down inside it just works better for you? Spill it in the comments if you dare.