The Art of Cropping Your Business To Look Like Your Instagram Feed

Here's a very short, straight-to-the-point truth post about ANY media that you're consuming....blogs, podcasts, Instagram, Facebook) to help you get over the comparasonitis, the "I'm-a-loserface" disorder, and the "I-suck-monkey-balls" mentality.

How many of us here wake up looking like our Instagram feeds?

Yeah, no one.

And yet, we BEAT THE SHIT out of ourselves for not living up to the business/marketing ideal of what someone else is doing.

"Oh God! I'm not as successful as that person! Everything is EASY when you're Facebook friends with Marie Forleo/Oprah/TheDonald"

"My blogs/tweets/posts aren't as cool/witty/snarky/smart as them"

"Fuck! They look like they're killing it! Fuck! Fuck! Maybe I need to [create a course/mastermind/cookbook/life/planet] like them too!"

"So&so just posted about how they made like Gangnam Style music video views numbers on their last launch! I've only sold FOUR packages in the last TWO MONTHS!"


Get over looking at neighbor's yard/posts/stats.
Get over looking at yourself and putting yourself down.
Get over looking OUTSIDE of yourself for proof that you are relevant. (If you stopped breathing TODAY - trust me - someone would feel the vaccum of the absence of your presence. You ARE relevant. Okay?)

Just like the images in this article, adjust the merciless cropping of your life and your business. Recognize that you don't need to fuck around with pre-set filters to know that you're good enough already - just the way you are.