How To Write A Killer Brand Positioning Statement

How To Write A Killer Brand Positioning Statement


So, one of the big things that I do for my copywriting clients is helping them identify what makes their super, cool thing different from everyone else’s super, cool thing.

Knowing what makes your products special or how your services solve problems better is what will make your business stand out online.

In the traditional business realm this is called your unique selling proposition, or USP. I’m sure you’ve heard about it already.

If you haven’t, your USP is a statement (also sometimes known as a positioning statement) that clearly describes how your offering is different from everyone else’s offerings. In online business, we sometimes call it a brand positioning statement.

So, in order to figure out what your USP is, you need to answer the following questions:

+ What are you selling? What are you offering?

+ Who is your target audience? Who are you selling to?

+ How do you do it?

+ What do you do better? How do you do it better?

+ What's in it for your ideal client?

+ How is your offering different from what’s out there?

+ What's your one big promise? What do you promise they will get as a result of buying your thing?

Figuring out how you're different can take a lot of thought. And that’s exactly why folks pay me to help them figure it out. Once you figure out how you're different you'll have a clearer sense of how to market your offerings.

Take the time to write down why your products or services better. Do you have a faster turnaround time? Are you an expert or a pro? Do you have a lot of proven results? Do you have a special way you get things done?

By identifying what makes you different or better, you'll be closer to discovering your USP. If you get your USP down pat, you can even use it as your tagline or part of your author byline.

When I’m crafting a USP for my clients I tend to focus on three possible areas where they may shine: their specialty, their experience, or their particular style.

Which one you want to focus on is totally up to you. You can even focus on other things like your pricing, any certifications you’ve earned, the age group you want to work with or even the software you use to get results.

Regardless, whatever you decide you want to focus on, it needs to SHOW the difference between you and your competition.

To help you get started with creating your own USP, use my handy-dandy fill in the blank template below:

[Name of Product or Service] is the one [product or service] that gives [ideal clients] the [benefit they’re looking for] because [Name of Product or Service] is [reason why it’s better].

Don’t let it intimidate you! Just by filling in the blanks, you will start to see a positioning statement that tells your ideal customers CLEARLY who you are, who you help, and what you stand for.

Let’s see some examples,shall we?

No. 1 - The Holy Sh*t Salespage service is a copywriting service that gives creative entrepreneurs the selling edge they need because the Holy Sh*t Salespage is provocative, persuasive, and sexy marketing that doesn’t put people to sleep. (USP for my salespage copywriting service).

No. 2 - My Smash The Glass sessions are coaching sessions that gives women executives the strategies and tools they need to succeed in the workplace. The Smash The Glass sessions work because they focus on using your experience to YOUR advantage. (USP for a client who coaches women executives who are in their 40’s and 50’s).

No. 3 - Beach City Brewery is a microbrewery that gives locals world-class craft beer. We’re the best because Beach City Brewery brings a fresh and bold experience to the hometown scene. (USP for a client).

See? Totally doable.

Remember, your USP will be working hard to help people know why they should buy from you.

Okay, so...before I let you go let’s address a scenario that you may find yourself in.  

Let’s say you answer all the questions above, you fill in the blanks and….you realize there’s very little difference between you and your competition.

Deep breath! Everything will still be okay. You know why? Because there is a difference between you and them. And that difference is you.

Yes, YOU.

Your USP has an automatic, built-in UNIQUE difference because of you.

You ARE the ace card up your sleeve. So, don’t panic if you see little to no difference, okay? What you bring to your products and/or services is a unique point of view that no one else has.

Keep re-writing and refining your USP. No one gets it perfect the first try. Keep at it and before you know it you’ll have a killer positioning statement.

Before I go, let me know in the comments what your USP is. Or if you need help post below.

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