Revamp Your Client Avatar For 2017

Revamp Your Client Avatar For 2017

update your client avatar for 2017

Summer is the perfect time to dust off your client avatar (you have one right?) and revamp it.

I mean why not, right? We revamp our offers, our websites, and maybe even our branding. But we don’t think about the people that we’re trying to attract with all these revamps.

Before you roll your eyes at me, think about the last time you prayed for a marketing message to reach a customer who would LOVE it enough to click the link. Yes, client avatars seem so 2008. And totally boring.  But, I promise they are super helpful in creating content and marketing that is sticky to the people you want to work with.

So, to help you create a client avatar that’s worthy of 2017 use my helpful tips below.

No. 1 - What software are they using now?

Gone are the days of where only a few Saas (software as a service) ruled the online world. We’ve got Squarespace to WordPress, ActiveCampaign to Aweber, Canva to Adobe Photoshop...the list goes on. The boom of online business has created a cottage (or rather internet cafe?) industry of newer, faster, and more intuitive software for end users.

So, it’s important for you to re-assess what software programs your ideal client is using. Are they dyed in the wool WordPress fans? Has your client moved on from Mailchimp and jumped ship to Ontraport or InfusionSoft? It’s important that you know. That way when you craft marketing messages you are literally speaking their language.

No. 2 - Where are they now?

Which social media platforms are they using now? Has your audience fallen out of love with Twitter and moved on Instagram? Are Facebook peeps showing up more on LinkedIn? Do an assessment or a survey to get a clear picture of where your ideal clients are congregating.  

And to piggyback on tip No. 1, find out what software they are using ON or FOR those social media platforms. Find out if they’re using Board Booster for their Pinterest accounts. Or if they’re bemoaning the fate of Instagress.

No. 3 - What questions are they asking now?

You’ve grown in your business and chances are, your client avatar has too. So, it’s important to make sure you’re still answering the questions your ideal client is asking. What are they confused about now? What are they curious about learning? What struggles are they facing currently in their business?

Asking yourself these type of questions will help you gain insight as to what information your client avatar is looking for in 2017.

No. 4 - What types of content are they sharing now?

This tip is pretty easy to do. Just look at a few of your fans or current client’s social media profiles and see what they’re sharing. Is it stories? Memes? Inspirational quotes? Compare that to the types of content YOU’RE sharing. If there’s a big difference, then it’s time for you to update your marketing plan, pronto!

Knowing what types of content your client avatar is sharing is like looking into a super accurate crystal ball. Be smart and pay attention.

No. 5 - What hashtags are they using now?

Remember, the days before shadow banning and when #blessed, #tbt, and #hustle were the only things you needed to add to get engagement? Yeah, me too. Part of updating your client avatar for 2017 is knowing what new hashtags they’re using or following.

Hashtags are the de facto Dewey decimal system of social media (you heard it here first, folks!). So, this applies not just to Twitter and Instagram but to Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Facebook, too.

Updating your client avatar profile will do more than just give you an edge. It will allow you to understand your own story better. I guarantee that as you go through these tips, you’ll find yourself rediscovering WHY you started your business in the first place.

Good luck, with your client avatar revamp. If you need help feel free to comment below or hit me up on my Facebook page.

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