How To Stop Obsessing Over Your Title

How To Stop Obsessing Over Your Title


Have you been agonizing about what to call yourself in your business?

Have you actually STOPPED any marketing, promotional or PR efforts because you're hung up on your "label"?

Or have been embarrassed by how simple or lowly your current title sounded?

If you said "yes" to any of those questions I only have one thing to say to you: 

Stop trying to be clever with your damn title. 

Quit fucking around trying to figure out what to call yourself. You are a business owner FIRST before you are anything else. I've seen too many brilliant business owners waste time figuring out their titles when they really should be focusing on figuring out how to get more business.

You ARE a business owner! That's your title.

If you're not trying to make a profit in your business then it's a damn hobby. How you go about making money is what follows the business owner title. Designer. Strategist. Blogger. All pronoun versions of the verbs of how you make the money. 

Repeat after me: I AM A BUSINESS OWNER.

No one cares if you're Princess Moon of the Star Suds of the Sink (aka: you're washing dishes). We just care if our dishes get clean.

Don't fall into the trap of believing that calling yourself a business owner is too simple or too boring. All roads lead back to running a profitable (aka: keeping the lights on) business. Remember that. 

But back to this "title" problem. 

If you find yourself having a helluva time trying to describe yourself in one word (remember, this is the word that follows your title of BUSINESS OWNER) here's a script to help you get started. 

The script:

General population: "I own my own business. I am in the business of [verb + ing] [your target market] accomplish [your target market's goal]."

Industry: "I'm a business owner. I specialize in [verb + ing] for [types of clients]". 

Your mom: "I help [ideal customer] so that [end result] happens. 

Okay, let's pretend you're a copywriter. Here's how you can explain what you do. 

General population: "I own my own business. And I'm in the business of helping others communicate what their businesses are all about."  

Industry: "I'm a business owner. I specialize in copywriting and content strategy for online coaches." 

Your Mom: "I write words for my clients so that people buy their stuff online. "  

Let's do another one, okay? Just to make sure you go it. 

Pretend you're a professional tiger-tamer. 

General population: "I own my own business. I'm in the business of taming wild tigers so that people will like them more."

Industry: "I'm a business owner. I specialize in taming and training tigers so they can have their own reality show on Bravo TV. " 

Your Mom: "I tame tigers. That's why I ran away and joined the circus instead of going to college". 

So, in closing, I hope this helps you 1) get ease around what the hell to call yourself, 2) how to explain and/or describe what you do and 3) give you the confidence to go out there and go get'em Tiger. 

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