How To Identify Your Audience

How To Identify Your Audience

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Before you get subscribers (email list), followers (social media), or clients (paying customers), you need to identify your audience.

Knowing WHO your audience is, is critical to the success of all your marketing efforts.

Why, should you care about this?

Well, because your audience is your proving ground for testing out your ideas and your original content. Imagine knowing with 100% confidence that everything you create meets the needs of your people. No more hoping, wishing, or praying that something works.

That’s the power in knowing who your audience is.

So, to help you get started on that process. Here’s some super easy tips on helping you identify who your audience is.

Here are six effective writing rituals to consider. 

No. 1 - Do research on your current fans and clients

Doing a little recon on the people who already LOVE your work is the easiest way in figuring out who your audience is. The best part it does give you a boost in knowing that what you do, does make a difference.

Key things to look for:

  • What social media platform are they on?
  • What is the demographic? (Identified gender, age, location)
  • What do they do (Etsy sellers? Health coaches? Stay at home parent?)
  • What are they liking? (What social media or blog posts are they engaging with?)
  • What are they buying? (One-on-one sessions? Workshops? On-demand courses?)

No. 2 - Visualize your audience 

Once you have all your info gathered and organized, bring them to life. And what I mean by that, is CREATE a collage of who these folks are. Tear out images from magazines, create a profile, or even draw them (you know, if you’re talented like that). 

Ideas for visualizing your audience:

  • Create a Pinterest board of things they would be interested or even of images of who they are
  • Create a mindmap or a bubble chart
  • Create a Venn diagram of their traits and interests if you have more than one “look alike” audience
  • Create a detailed profile of your audience. 

No. 3 - Know What Motivates Your Audience

Knowing your audience’s goals, ambitions, or end desires will help you create content and offers that’s bound to make an impact. If you feel stuck, look back at your current lineup of customers or fans for ideas. 

Helpful tip: 

Pick the top two to three goals or ambitions your audience is working towards so you know where they want to go. 

No. 4 - Understand Their Fears and Pain Points 

No, this isn’t a suggestion of using some horrid marketing ploy to trick your audience. Rather, by understanding what their fears or pain points, you can come from a place of genuine service. Fast food restaurants exists because they know busy people get hungry. Having to work through hunger can cause all kinds of pain and frustration (Hangry, anyone?). Likewise, you understanding the worries or concerns of audience puts you in a better position to create content that lets them know you have a solution to their problem. 

Common fears and pain points:

  • Not being healthy
  • Not having enough money, energy, time, or help
  • Not being good enough
  • Not feeling like they know what they’re doing or secure in their skills, talents, sense of self
  • Not having direction, focus, or a process
  • Not feeling appreciated, seen, valued, or loved

Once you have a clear snapshot of your audience, you are now in the best position possible to create amazing marketing content that will get noticed. No more guessing or throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall. You will be one step closer at being better in your marketing.  

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