How To Still Be Hella Productive Without Internet


Oh, my god. Okay, so our internet was down at my house. It sucked and I felt like my life was going to end.

True, I have my phone’s no replacement for my laptop. If this should happen to you (and one day it might), here are a couple of things you can do to still be hella productive in your business.

No. 1 - Plan your new offers or troubleshoot challenges

Use the lack of internet to dream, plot, and plan your next moves. Grab your pen and paper write down ideas for new offers or services to launch. Use this time to troubleshoot problems in your business a few of your business challenges.

Bottom line, use this time to plan your world domination.

No. 2 - Organize and clean your space

Take your lack of internet skills to the NEXT LEVEL. Use the time to clean and organize your space. Wipe down your desk and your monitor screen. Sanitize your mouse or phone. File your papers. Go through your written notes. Tidy up.

You’ll feel better and you’ll get something done.

No. 3 - Create blog outlines or write your newsletters

Oooh, this one is my favorite. You totally know you can write out your blog posts drafts on pads of paper, right? Use this time to write out your outlines for new blog posts. Jot down future ideas for a blog post series.

Another thing you can do (to really be productive) is write out your upcoming newsletters. Think up topics you want to discuss. Or things you want to share. Maybe you want to use this time to figure out when you’ll promote your offers to your list.

The point is anytime you can get a head start on your blog posts or newsletters - you’re winning! Yay!

All in all, being without the internet isn’t a bad thing. You can plan your next moves. You can tidy up your space. You can also give yourself a head start on time-consuming tasks. Take advantage of the situation and use it to your advantage!