7 Blog Post Rules You Need To Follow

7 Blog Post Rules You Need To Follow


Your blog is a great way to attract traffic to your website and market your products and services

So, it makes sense that your blog posts are an important part of your marketing.

Today, I’m going to share with you, my 7 rules for blog posts. You’ll want to use these keys to help your blog post attract, inform, engage, invite and compel your readers to act on your call-to-action (I’ll talk more about this in a bit). 

Ready? Let’s do it. 

Know Audience

This is a no brainer but you’ll be amazed at how many people DO NOT KNOW who they are writing for. So you need to ask yourself: Who are you writing the post for? A lot of folks think writing for SEO is the only thing you should think about. But I disagree. You're not writing it for search engine bots, you're writing for people. If you know exactly WHO your audience is you'll be able to write better blog posts for them.

Know Your Purpose

This seems deceptively simple. But a lot of folks seem to skip this key. What is the purpose of your blog post? Is it to get people to follow you on Facebook? Sign up for your freebie? Book a session? Whatever the purpose is, it needs to be the main focus of the blog post. Keep it simple by having one purpose per post. 

Add Value

Duh. Another no brainer. Your audience should finish your blog post feeling like they gained something from it. It not, they’ll feel like they wasted their time. So, no fluffy stuff. Or bullshit. Remember, your blog is about them not you.  

Include Visual Media

Putting images, graphics or embedding videos in your blog post will make it a lot more appealing. For instance, if your blog post is a tutorial, include a video or “step-by-step” images to back up the "how to" text. This will make your blog post even better.

Include a CTA (Call To Action)

Always have a call to action (CTA) in your blog posts. Always. Your CTA doesn’t need to be elaborate or complex. It can be to invite them to sign up for your list. Or follow you on social media. If you don't ask your peeps to do something, they WON’T. 

Connect Social Media

Make it easy for your audience to share your blog posts on social media. Also, make it a practice to share your blog posts on all your social media accounts. Don't just post the blog link! Take a few moments to write a brief description, ask your peeps to read it, and ask for comments.

Send It To Your Subscribers

Every blog post you write also needs to be shared with your emails subscribers. Whether you share the whole blog post in the email or link it back to your blog, is up to you. The important thing is to share it with it! Then kindly ask your subscribers to share your blog post with their peeps (or social media) if it’s appropriate too.  

Remember, these are suggestions are gleaned from my experience as a copywriter and a content strategist.

Do the best you can.

Ultimately, if you do follow these simple “rules” you’ll get the most out of every blog post and you’ll have a much easier time marketing your business. 

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