6 Awesome Writing Rituals To Try Today

6 Awesome Writing Rituals To Try Today


Today, I’m going to talk about writing rituals and how they can help you become more consistent with creating your content.

So, let’s start with the obvious question: 

What is a writing ritual? 

“A writing ritual is a specific action (or series of actions) done in a particular order to help you get into a creative (or meditative) state of mind that’s conducive to writing valuable content in a productive manner.” - Professor Aliza Stein

Ok, that was wordy. But you get the gist of it. 

Writing rituals are powerful.

They are a great way to kick-start your writing. They help inspire ideas and creativity. They are automatic, familiar actions you take that tell your brain “It’s time to get serious.” 

So, if you’re struggling with writing your blog posts or content, a writing ritual may be just what you need to get it started. 

Here are six effective writing rituals to consider. 

No. 1 - Making a cup of coffee or tea

This is probably my favorite writing ritual to do next to #5. 

There’s something Zen-like about making your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Whether you use use a pod-system, a percolator, or something that resembles a 19th century chemistry set, making your own cup puts you in a relaxed state. 

Being relaxed at the start of a writing task is important. Of course, if coffee or tea isn’t your thing, consider a different drink.

Perhaps a refreshing glass of sparkling water, a shot of whiskey or your favorite green smoothie (Hey, nobody said it had to have caffeine). 

You’ll probably begin thinking about your writing while you’re brewing your coffee or making your smoothie. Then, once you sit down at your desk you are already in the right mindset to let the words flor. 

No. 2 - Stimulate your senses

Engage your senses before you write. Take a walk outside before you sit down to write. Sit by your favorite garden or tree. Observe the clouds. Breath in the fresh air. Feel the sunshine on your skin. Being inspired by nature will get all those creative juices flowing. Also, a lot folks report that being outside helps them get grounded. 

Breath in your favorite essential oil. Grapefruit (or any blended oil with grapefruit as it’s base) is a go-to scent of mine. Another one I like to use (especially when it’s crunch time) is anything with a strong pine or woodsy scent. 

Another way to engage your senses is to take a bath. Use bathbombs to soak in relaxation. Use scrubs to physically and energetically shed the old. 

Do some light stretching. Or Yoga. Get in touch with yourself. Or pleasure yourself (it’s okay if that last suggestion made you blush). One of my peeps on the West Coast actually pleasures herself before she writes. I guess that’s why her writing is so powerful and evocative! 

Regardless of what you do, engaging your senses will definitely prepare your mind for your writing. 

No. 3 - Do a brain dump 

You can do a brain dump. Instead of seeing a blank piece of paper (or Word doc) as a foe, you see it as your canvas. Write down anything and everything that pertains to your subject matter. 

Doodle. Sketch. Jot down phrases or keywords.

Brain dumping will prevent a dumpster fire of panic when you write. The point of your brain dump is to literally get all your ideas, thoughts, and musings down on paper before you begin your first draft.  

No. 4 - Outlining

Another creative ritual you can do is outlining.

Now for some this won’t be seen as a ritual but a necessary step in your writing process. Either way you look at it the action of outlining your content satisfies several things at once. 

It can help you get in the right frame of mind. 
It gives you a visual “roadmap” of where you want your writing to go. 

Outlining gives you a great way to have a smooth writing process. You’ll have a general idea of what to say and what points you want to make. 

Your outlines don’t have to be elaborate or complete fleshed out. You can simply write out the headlines and subheadlines for your blog post. 

Or if you prefer, you can jot down the main points along with your point of view of why you think they’re important. 

No. 5 - Writing Talisman

This is definitely my, always, go-to writing ritual next to ritual #1. 

A talisman is a personal object that you believe will give you magical powers and / or good luck. 

For me I’ve designated a special ring as my writing talisman. It’s design is based off the moon phases and was very inexpensive (I think it cost me three US dollars - $3.00). 

Anytime, I need to get “serious” about my writing, this little ring keeps me on track. I slip it on whenever I write blog posts, copy, or notes. In fact, you can say it inspired this post. 

Your talisman can be anything you put on or touch. A special pen, hat, scarf, jewelry or even makeup (like your favorite lipstick). If it sparks feelings of being powerful, capable, or creative it can be your writing talisman. 

No. 6 - Writing Space

Yes, your space can be a part of your writing ritual. No, you don’t need something hardcore like a whole room dedicated to writing (cool for you if you do have one). 

But you can create an atmosphere that puts you in the creative mindset. 

Light incense or your favorite candle for ambiance. Tidy up your desk or surrounding area for a clutter free zone. 

Put your notifications on silent and let the people in your house know you’re busy to minimize noise. 

The point of your writing space is to keep you inspired and distraction free as possible. 

In closing, writing rituals are incredibly effective and powerful. 

Take a look at what you normally do before you write. You may already have one of your own.  If you don’t have a writing ritual yet, try one these or create one of your own. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your writing it makes.


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