Five Ways Excite To Your Audience

Five Ways Excite To Your Audience

5 Ways To Excite Your Audience

Before we dive into how to draw your audience in with your content. I want to get something off my chest about “engagement”. Everyone and their mothers talks about how you need to ENGAGE your audience.

You need to create ENGAGING content.

You need to ENGAGE your audience to Like your posts.

You need ENGAGEMENT on your social media.

Yada, yada, yada.

Let’s stop for a moment and think about what the word “engagement” really means.

According to “engagement” means:


I don’t know about you but even though engage means to bring about an emotional stimuli, I still don’t want to associate any of my marketing efforts with a hostile military encounter.

So, I propose we use another word to describe how we bring about emotional stimuli in our audience. And the word I suggest is “excite”.

Let’s contrast “engagement’s” definition with “excite”.


Yep, I think I prefer to raise everyone’s energy and be a magnetic field any day.

Maybe you feel the same way too.

If you do here’s 5 ways to “excite” your audience in your marketing.  

When you’re marketing your number priority needs to be building your relationships with your audience. One part of that equation is being consistent. The other is creating content that excites your audience to stay interested. And when you’re audience is interested they’ll respond with questions, shares, and comments. They’ll retweet, like, follow, or friend you.

That’s why making that connection is so important. Connecting with your audience can mean the big difference between your audience to buying from you or ignoring you.

1. Offer Value in Your Content

It’s easy to get lazy and post content just to post something. It’s important you create and curate content that is highly valuable to your audience. You want any content that you put out, to make your audience feel as if it was created just for them. That will keep them coming back for more.

2. Create Content That They’ll Want to Share

If you really want to nurture a relationship with your audience, you must create or curate content that is share-worthy. Look at what your top fans and customers share on their social media accounts. Create content that is in line with what you find. If you feel that something is truly relevant, important, and actionable to your audience, then create it! Remember, to make it visually pleasing and it accurate too.

3. Make Connecting Easy for Your Audience

I know this may sound like a no-brainer but don’t hide the share buttons or turn off comments. In fact, make a point to say something at the end of your content that encourages them to comment and to share. Let them know you want their opinions and thoughts on the topic, and you want them to share it with their friends.

4. Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

While this brings in a little brand strategy, it’s a good idea to approach your content from a different point of view than your competition. If they’re talking about why you should or shouldn’t do something, write about it from the other side. Play devil’s advocate. Even if you both share the same point, people love to read why they should or shouldn’t do something. This is mainly because folks like make sure they’re on the right track personally.

5. Include Popular Culture / Trending News along with Your Planned Content

While it’s smart to plan your content based on your promotions (your offers or opt-in), you should also include pop culture or trending news in your content, too. To begin doing this check Google Alerts daily, news websites or follow #trending (any social media platform) to find out what’s trending that day and then post something about it. A quick way to curate content is by adding your thoughts and then posting it. Then invite your audience to share what they think.

Keep these ideas in mind as you create or curate your next batch of content. Let me know which ones you’re most interested in trying out. If you get stuck hit me up on my Facebook page.

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