5 Ways To Create A Customer For Life

5 Ways To Create A Customer For Life


So, today’s blog post is about creating clients for life. Seriously. 

These are things that nobody teaches you in all those fancy 6-week online business courses. This is stuff that you learn on the go and on the road. 

But guess what? I’m going to tell you about them. Take what you learn from this blog post and start creating clients for life. 

Show Empathy

This is about putting yourself in their shoes. Most clients (especially in copywriting) really want you to truly understand them. If you demonstrate to your clients that you really get them, they're more likely to continue booking your services for future projects. 

Use phrases like “I understand”, “I see your point of view”, or “I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes”. 

Showing empathy is not about placating your client or kissing up. It’s about letting them know you understand what it means for them to be trusting YOU with business.

Provide Solutions & Explain Them

What’s the purpose of your business? The answer is: providing solutions to your customer’s problems. If you can provide solutions to your ideal client and explain HOW your solution helps them, then you’re pretty much golden. 

This is why in copywriting, it’s so important to STRESS the benefits (not the features) of your offerings.

Clients don’t mind paying for solutions that make sense for them. 

So, practice explaining clearly WHY you’re doing something and HOW the end result helps them. This will help manage their expectations and make you look like a pro. 

Be A Collaborator

Don’t be afraid to ask for your client’s feedback. I know so many high-end service professionals who totally believe their word is the be-all-end-all. They believe this holier-than-thou approach makes them seem like MORE of an expert.

I think this attitude is foolish and a mistake. By collaborating with your customers you will never run out of ideas. You want your clients to feel part of the process. Collaboration gives your projects more value. 

In turn, by doing this your clients are more likely to refer you to other potential clients. 

Give Them Confidence

This means a lot more than you think at first glance. Your clients need to know that you have the ability to deliver the solutions you promised. But they also need to be confident that if they don't understand how to use your solution that you will be there to help them out.

Remember, it’s scary to trust someone (a practical stranger) with one’s business. Your clients are vulnerable. They want to trust you.

Your clients want to know with FULL confidence that if they hand over their hard-earned money to you, you won't take advantage of them.

Deliver Great Service 

Ultimately, all customers want to receive the greatest level of top-notch customer service that you can humanly provide. But it’s not just about delivering the final result. It’s about making it painless for them to contact you if they have a question. It’s about making your onboarding experience seamless.

If you make it easy for your customers to get the service they desire (and paid for), they'll become repeat customers and your biggest source of referrals. This is what you want. And this is what you get when you deliver great service. 

Well, that’s it for today, folks. Hopefully, you’ve picked up some valuable insight on how to not only be a great service provider but to also begin the process of creating a name for yourself in your community as a GREAT service provider. 

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