5 Tips on How to Rebrand Your Business

My clients often come to me because they’re looking to articulate that je ne sais quoi or add a little panache to their brand. After helping hundreds of business owners relaunch, redo, redefine, and reinvent their brands, I’ll fill you in on my top 5 tips on how to rebrand your business without losing your britches, spending your riches or busting your stitches. 

First tip of rebranding your business: Know what kind of brand you want to grow into. Knowing what type of brand you want to grow into will save you time and money. Spinning your wheels hoping something will stick or copying another brand will not. 

Second tip of rebranding your business: Ask yourself “Will this new brand direction support where I want to go?”. If your goal is to sell out a coaching programs or rock the stage then you want to make sure you new brand direction plays well with your business aspirations. If not, it’ll just confuse your audience. 

Third tip of rebranding your business: Take inventory of your current brand. Assess all  your content, services and products. Even take a look at things “on the shelf”. Doing this will probably reveal some hidden gems and maybe a reminder to never do something again. 

Fourth tip of rebranding your business: Think of rebranding in phases versus one BIG, GIANT project. Overcome your overwhelm and procrastination by breaking it down in phases. Doing this will help you have a clearer sense of what to do next. 

Fifth tip of rebranding your business: Remember to throw a party (a launch party). What’s the point of polishing up your brand and business if no one sees it? Remember, to plan a launch party to celebrate your new brand. 

Use these 5 tips when you’re thinking about rebranding your business or if you get stuck during the rebranding process.