5 Tips On How To Promote Your Holiday Sales

5 Tips On How To Promote Your Holiday Sales



Raise your hand if you’ve heard the BS notion that no one buys during the holidays? How many of you have actually bought THAT line? Contrary to popular belief people do buy and they buy a lot during the upcoming season (yes, that includes services). 

Don’t hide out and miss out on the possibility of boosting your bottom line just because you think no one will spend money on coaching, services or digital products over the next few weeks.  

Throw your hat (or offer) in the ring with these simple promo strategies. My tips are brief and straight to the point so they will be useful to you now (unlike last year’s resolutions). 



Take a cue from brick and mortar businesses and make sure the stock images you use for your promotional social media posts, marketing blog posts and for the offer itself LOOK “eat your heart out” good. 

You want folks to be curious about what you’re saying or selling. So make sure you spend a little more (okay, a lot more) time finding and using the right images for your sales, promotions and offers.

Yes, you most likely will have to pay more than free with my recommendations but spending $5 - $15 for a killer image is worth making $50 - $100 (or more) in sales. 

Need a place to start for finding those non-crappy stock photos? 



Take advantage of the following #hashtag campaigns to help you market and promote your offers on social media. Create images found from the above recommendations and remind your customers or clients as to why / what they are supporting when they give you their business. This is a very simple strategy that’s effective in helping people find you. 

Use these #hashtags:

#shoplocal + #(your city)
#holiday20XX (the current year)



It always baffles me when folks who SAY they want to build a business that supports them financially but yet feel shy about promoting their awesomeness. Your customers will never know how good you are at helping / guiding them IF they don’t know what you can do. 

PLEASE tell your people you have things for sell. Business means you sell something for money. It can be a service or a product. You gotta tell people what’s going on in your world and how it will rock theirs. 

Use This Easy Tip:

Change out your social media mastheads (banners) and promote in your promo threads. Make cute, funny .gifs. Just let people know about your cool thing, okay? Just get started. 



I don’t care if it’s 5 people. Email them and say “Hey, I’ve got this really cool thing for sale right now. It does this, this and this. And it works best for people who need help with this. You can get it HERE for this.” 

Everyone has to start somewhere with email marketing. Begin now. Don’t worry about unsubs if you do promote. Unsubs are part of the online biz life. So, don’t let that fear scare you from telling your peeps about your amazing offer. 

Swipe This Pro Tip:

Always reward your email list with a killer deal or special price for sticking with ya. 



Why? Because the point of having sales is to move either inventory or book slots on your schedule. People want to feel good and smart about their purchases especially around the holidays - make it easy for them to say "YES" to whatever you're selling. 

Take This Smart Tip:

If you normally sell your services for X - consider giving a special price to your email list, your special groups or folks who follow you. 

Or if you don’t discount, create an offer that gives value at the price point you want to sell it at. There’s no reason why you can’t be of service or offer a great deal at any price point. 

These are just a handful of tips you can use to make your holiday sales happen. Remember, half the battle is just putting yourself out there! 

Feeling stuck about holiday sales? Or got a sweet tip you want to share? Comment below and let me know about it. 


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