3 Strategies On How To Make Difficult Decisions

3 Strategies On How To Make Difficult Decisions


We are in Mercury Retrograde. And while most people believe it’s just YOUR belief system that’s causing epic tech problems, miscommunication cues, and a lack of energy, I FIRMLY disagree and believe that there is something in the air during these ass backward weeks. #SorryForWhatISaidDuringMercuryRetrograde #TheIllusionIsReal

So, today I’m going to share my three step process for making your life, your marketing, and your business decisions as painless as possible during this period (and well, actually, anytime after it). 

I call it S.E.E.ing. It stands for Simple, Effective, and Easy. This sweet acronymic process was developed and tested after numerous clients, friends, and colleagues all confessed to hating life due to irrational questioning of themselves, their business, and what to wear for the day (hey, some days, being a grown up and wearing pants can be a challenge).  


The Art of Making Difficult Decisions!

This process will work for you when you’re confronted with having to make difficult and paralyzing decisions like:

+ When to start / try something new for the first time (like that first webinar, sending that FIRST email to your list, calling yourself an expert).

+ When you’re trying to decide if you need to quit / kill / keep a client, business relationship, service, product or even your business itself.

+ When you’re trying to figure out if a course / coach / program / conference is right for you to invest your money in.

+ When you’re burned out / tired / hangry / on the run but STILL need to make business decisions.

Okay, ready to see your way through tough mental and emotional situations? 

Alright, let’s get to it. 


1. Choose SIMPLE

Feeling the pressure to be perfect? Like turning water into wine? (I know the feeling). When you’re faced with a bad case of analysis paralysis or the business version of “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” - Do what is simple. Quit trying to be the second coming of whatever it is that you do with your new tricked out, game-changing, whizz bang thing that needed to be done yesterday. 

Instead choose to take the simplest action to get it done. 

Sometimes we business owners LOVE to make things as complicated and convoluted as possible. Why? Maybe it’s because we believe that the more steps involved, the more impressively expert it is. This is so, so, so messed up. How to work through this?

Know the difference in your universe between complex and complicated. 

Complex = Many moving parts that are connected. 
Complicated = Difficult to understand, follow or explain. 

How to make a simple decision:

Just do what is the most straightforward option for yourself, your client, and your process at this moment. Simply put? Commit to an action that is a cinch for you to complete. 



When you get stunned with the impulse to feel like you have to know EVERYTHING before making a decision, recognize that your business (like your life) needs to move in order to survive and thrive. Sometimes waiting too long for all the RIGHT information, direction, or sign from the universe puts unreasonable expectations on you to perform perfectly. 

This is insane. 

The nature of business implies that you will take risks and gambles. You have to have faith in yourself that you won’t make catastrophic bad decisions for yourself, your clients or your business itself. Give yourself credit for the brains, backbone, intuition and sheer luck that have gotten you this far in your life AND your business. 

How to make an effective decision:

Do what you KNOW is the most helpful and beneficial action to your situation RIGHT NOW. Doing this will make you successful in moving towards achieving your intended outcome or desired result. 


3. Choose EASY

We business owners are worse than pretentious fashion designers who suffer for their art when it comes to choosing something easy or hard. We obviously go for what’s hard. We say we want easy but really deep down inside we believe suffering to earn our biz tiger stripes is a good thing. 

Stop it. 

When you are rife with indecision, choosing what is easy may be just what you need to get you moving in the right direction. 

Here’s how to make easy decisions:

  • Begin by asking yourself “How can I make this situation easier?” Listen to what bubbles up for you. 
  • Next, imagine what you WOULD DO if whatever is making your situation difficult didn’t exist or didn’t present itself. 
  • Finally, give yourself permission to take the easy way out. You did the best you could and now it’s time to move on. 

While there ARE certain situations where you will be faced with tough decisions, acknowledging that you need to SEE it a different way will help you get more clarity. 

Your business is not a static page on your website - its dynamic, energetic, and requires you to go with the ebb and flow. 


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