Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet

coming out of the spiritual closet

This Mercury Retrograde has helped me reconnect and access hidden truths about where I want to be and what I want to do. Thanks to a wise, long-time friend's gentle nudging I've realized a few things. 

1) I'm hella fucking woo. Like really woo. Like sooooo woo, taking mind-altering drugs would probably just make me normal.

2) I've danced around the spiritual side of my business for a long, long time. And yet it's always been there. About a year ago, I confessed to a fellow business buddy  that I create little launch altars, special candles or good ju-ju bags for each of my clients (yep, if you ever paid me money for copy, strategy, marketing...etc) I've created a little something special to boost your efforts. Obviously, not advertised but nevertheless done with love.

3) I'm big on prayer not on worry. If in the last few years you've ever laid bare your soul, fears, dreams or secrets to me (or if you've been NICE to me) I've prayed for you. I've lit a candle and asked God to bless you, bestow you with good luck and maybe even help you vanquish your enemies (pray request varies).

4) I can throw down cards and read energy like a MOFO. I don't talk about this part a lot but I think it's time I do. When I was a wee lass, working up the ranks in my previous life as a healthcare professional, I also lead a double life (well to me it felt like I was) as a professional intuitive. I worked at The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, Ca and The Psychic Eye (Fountain Valley) when their stores were in California. I developed a reputation for being a reader that other readers could turn to for their own personal readings. From that life, I have retained a small, select group of clients that I still read for to this day.

5) I'm bringing my woo little by little into my business. I'm now posting monthly astrology forecasts that cater to those who are business ambitious but also star-savvy. I've put out an offer that focuses on personalized intuitive business strategies using the tarot (aka: business readings). If you're interested you can sign up for them HERE

6) Finally, I NOW know after talking things over with my inner circle,I realized that I can't go back. 

I can't keep my magic woo separate from my business anymore. Broom, wand, crystal ball...all of it...out of the bag. 😂🔮🌟

To be honest, I feel vulnerable but good about publicly sharing all this with you. It's scary as f*ck to say "Hey, I totally plan launches and promotions based on the moon cycles".

I feel like, maybe, I might be judged or even misunderstood. But that's a risk I'm willing to take to create a business that REALLY nourishes me & attracts the right people to me. 

So, thank you for taking the time to read this and for bearing witness to this new openness in my life + business.

Xoxo, Aliza