3 Types of Confusion That Overwhelm Business Owners

3 Types of Confusion That Overwhelm Business Owners


Hi. *Waves* I’ve been thinking about today’s post for awhile.

It’s about the shit that confuses business owners. And not the hmmm, I wonder which color will convert higher kind of confusion.

I’m talking about the confusion they don’t even KNOW they’re experiencing: the kind that causes a business owner to stay stuck spinning their wheels, wasting time, money and effort.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with anything on this list, then somewhere, somehow your business and your profit are suffering.

1. You are confused about WHO you are

If you’re a coach who specializes in health and wellness, you might think your only role is being a coach. When really you are a business owner with opportunities to grow your business and increase your profit.

If you make the decisions and call the shots, the only thing you need to be clear about is that YOU are the business owner. You have the power to dictate your pricing, your services and how you want to feel at the end of the day. As the BUSINESS OWNER you may consult or be coached by other experts to make informed or strategic decisions ABOUT your business.

At the end of the day, You are a BUSINESS OWNER and all business decisions must stem from that role. Always wear your CEO hat. You may change out your blogger hat, your coaching hat or your designer hat, but you must never, ever take off your CEO hat.


2. You are confused about WHAT your business does

This kind of confusion presents itself at all stages of business growth. Whether you’re just starting out, landing that dream client or swimming in your own money bin.

As your business grows and you hone your expertise, you will pick up new skills and talents. You will also outgrow a few. This causes an internal conflict.

My advice:

Practice the art of the project management pause.

What the fuck is the project management pause? So, glad you asked.

Pay attention to what you’re excited about, inspired by, or love doing. Then, double (or triple) pay attention to the projects, jobs, or clients that make you want to punch yourself in the face.

Step one. Read an email requesting your services, time and money.

Step two. Take your goddamn hands off the keyboard or put down your smartphone (Our hands make TERRIBLE instant decision/commitment makers, second only to our mouths).

Step three. Reread said email. This time 5x slower than normal to give your brain, heart and gut time to respond (these are the REAL decision makers)

Step four. Look at your calendar, planner or project management tool/system. Ask yourself “Can I fit this request in with my current load? Is this project worth my time? Do I want to do this?

Step five. Do not respond for at least an hour, or maybe even 24. Nothing is so pressing (yep, even online) that you can’t give yourself at least an hour to think about it. After your time period passes, reply. If it’s a yes - then add it to your planner or project management tool/system.

Practice the project management pause and you will get clarity on what it is you really want to do in your business. No more schizophrenic, flibbert-gibbit reactions.

3. You are confused about your brand

As business ops and brand management consultant I see this happen to even those shiny, happy, perfect brands we all mercilessly compare ours to. For the record, I am insanely jealous of Bacardi Rum’s current brand story (“Some men are kicked out of bars. Others are kicked out of countries. Bacardi. Untamable since 1862”).

Jesus Christ, did you just want to eat your heart out after reading that? I know I did. I looked at the untamable story of Bacardi and then looked at the freakishly great one of A Freaking Great Company and I felt my soul die a little. Why can’t my brand be cool and hip and dangerous? Maybe I should start making my own rum? Maybe I should change my target market and start growing chest hair! Viva la Revolucion!

Whoa! Wait, what? I’m a consultant who makes helps online business owners get their business offices and brands in order! Not a rum maker. Plus, no one needs to see me grow chest hair.

This kind of confusion stems more from you seeing what others in your industry are doing and you trying to do what they do. Stop it. Compare, despair and copy-cating will leave you feeling like shit about what you’ve created and built.

Here’s how you can bring clarity to your brand:

  • Notice when you’re feeling that panicky reaction to change something to your website, your offer or your plans that occur AFTER you visit someone else’s website.
  • Notice when you start buying courses or pinning things that were never on radar BEFORE but because someone else bought it or pinned it - you “decided” you needed it too.
  • Notice when you’re down on yourself. If you’re in low spirits or hungry or hungover - going over your offers, website, branding or anything related to your business is probably not a wise idea. Rest, eat and sober up. THEN make a decision.

Brand envy or confusion can lead the best businesses astray. Remembering that you’re the boss, avoiding brand comparison and making decisions when you’re 100% clear will help you build and rebuild your brand over and over, making you and your clients confident in everything you put out.

That’s the good stuff.

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