3 Types Of People Who Will You Miserable

3 Types Of People Who Will You Miserable


Hello, lovely denizens of the internet.

Today's straightforward post is about the people who will make you hate your life and want you to never, ever, want to put yourself out there again. 

We're going to talk about this because sometimes we buy into the story that being your boss and owning your own business is a party. In some ways it is. You can have your cake and eat it too, but you'll also most likely at times cry at your party too. 

I know life is just so unfair. Here are the assholes you will run into as you grow and uplevel your business.

Forewarned is forearmed. Which basically means you should have a support team in place or bail money stuffed under a mattress. 

1. Shitty Clients

Oh, yes. These people. We're not talking about customers who have legitimate questions or concerns and who truly want to get the most our of your product and service. No, we're talking about the jerks that write scathing emails and post crappy reviews WITHOUT giving an opportunity to make the situation better. Or even the ones who don't pay or who forever drag their heels in paying.

What you can do:

  • Don't let them win. Your business is about you. Your solutions are about them. 
  • Get a contract and put strong legal protections in place. 
  • Stand up for yourself. You can fire a client if they're not the right fit. 

2. Copycats

This will happen folks. I'm not going to lie to you. You will have a brilliant idea and someone will rip you off. It's just bound to happen. It's not flattery, it's not a sign of success, it's fucking annoying.

Depending on the situation and the severity will warrant your response. Always start from a place of poise and understanding. 

Types of copycats:

  • Followers - these are fans who just want to be like you. They want to wear your skin like last year's Versace. Crazy. But it can happen. Best thing to do is to politely email them to cease and desist. If that doesn't work, have your lawyer send their version of cease and desist. 
  • Clients/Customers - these are folks who take your course, class, coaching or program and then rip them off. So, lame but it may happen. You can protect yourself by having a strongly worded Terms & Conditions in place. Again, having a lawyer to communicate to them for you also helps. 

3. Disappearing Contractors

Oh, my God. This happens more than you know. Whether it's actually like disappearing or they have to go away for awhile this can totally make life hard to run your business. Best defense it the best offense. 

What to do:

  • Hire contractors based on referrals. Ask for references and see examples of their work. 
  • Again, have a strong contract in place. 
  • Set clear expectations of when projects/tasks should be completed. 
  • Ultimately, TRUST YOUR GUT. Do not let peer pressure, the need to be nice or some other BS convince you someone is right for you if you're gut is telling you they are not. 

All in all, this post is about helping you handle crappy personal situations that do happen in business. Always try to keep the lines of communication open. But if that fails don't be afraid to be assertive. 


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