10 Things I Wished I Did Differently In My Business


As I begin implementing my plans and goals for 2017, I want to invite you to take a step back with me and reflect on the 10 things I wish I did differently in my business.

10. I wish I figured out my business model sooner. Getting paid for your talent, skill, or craft is super cool. But not being able to articulate or package it into a solid offer is not.

9. I wish I didn’t buy into the belief that you have to spend money to make money. Jesus, this oft-repeated “truth” is the ruin of so many business owners. Seriously, you don’t have to spend a shit ton of money to make money. In fact, if you DON’T you probably will make a profit.

8. I wish I gathered and collected more testimonials from clients. I’m a damn good copywriter, brand strategist, and business mentor. But I was terrible at asking my clients for testimonials after a project or engagement ended. Word to the wise: Start asking for testimonials now.

Word to the wise: Start asking for testimonials now.

7. I wish I was more confident about my skills early in my career. I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve wasted laboring over whether or not I knew how to do something (I did). Or if I was capable of pulling something off (I was). Don’t be like me. Don’t waste time. Business is a practice. And each time you do it - you get better.

6. I wish I didn’t spend so much damn money on software. I honestly am a software junkie. I will search for new software and apps to try. I’m willing to try something out for months. I sign up for the trial period and then forget to cancel. This is usually why I end up spending so much.

5. I wish I didn’t buy every freakin’ course or program OFFERED in 2014 AND 2015. Honestly, I’m sure a lot of established business owners say that. And we say it because it's true. With the exception of handful of courses, everything else was just a waste.

4. I wish I didn’t invest so heavily in building a team and virtual staff until much later. I was surrounded by so many wonderful and talented people that I hired them too early in my business. This error ended up costing me a lot of moolah and actually slowing the growth of my business down.

Business is a practice. And each time you do it - you get better.

3. I wish I didn’t wait so damn looooong to upgrade my laptop and desktop. I stubbornly held the belief that I didn’t need a new laptop until my old one died. And did I mention that when it died I was in the middle of putting together a marketing campaign for a fancy up and coming competitor to Gilt?

2. I wish I didn’t listen to the business coach who told me that describing myself as “intuitive” would make me look like unreliable and unprofessional. Man, those words haunted me for years and messed with my chi.

1. I wish I knew then what I know now. Obviously, that’s not possible and that’s okay. When I look back, there are definitely, some cringe worthy moments but there’s also some wonderful ones too. I believe that things, events, and situations happen for a reason. A good reason. So, knowing that gives me peace of heart.

Till next time. Stay bold and be daring. 


Aliza (Brand Strategist + Business Mystic)

So, what about you? Are there things you wish you did differently in your business? Comment below and let me know what you wish you did differently.

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